DIY Wood Stocking Tags (The EASY Way!)

Have y’all seen the adorable stocking trend this year? Wooden name tags!

I fell in love with the idea quickly & wanted to make my own right away! So I did! I had them finished & up on my stockings in less than 10 minutes. 

DIY Farmhouse, Wood Stocking tag! #ChristmasCrafts #Farmhouse


All you need to make some is small pieces of scrap wood, white vinyl or white paint pen, twine & a staple gun. 

**If you don’t have a staple gun, you can try hot glue!

**If you don’t have small pieces of scrap wood, checkout a new house being built or any construction site. Simple look fir their trash pile & start digging! 

DIY Farmhouse, Wood Stocking tag! #ChristmasCrafts #Farmhouse

Use your electronic cutter to cut names the appropriate size. You could also use stickers if you don’t have a cutting device. 

DIY Farmhouse, Wood Stocking tag! #ChristmasCrafts #Farmhouse

Sand down the piece a little bit & apply vinyl names to stocking tags. 

DIY Farmhouse, Wood Stocking tag! #ChristmasCrafts #Farmhouse

Cut a length of twine twice as long as you want it.Tie the ends together in a knot. Now use a staple gun (or hot glue) to attach the twine 

Hang the tags with your matching stocking &  you are good to go!

What do you think of these Farmhouse Style stocking tags? I’m loving them! You can do so much more the names too! 

Blessings Y’all!



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