DIY Trays for Organization!

Although you may not believe it by the state of my house right now, (taking down Christmas/cleaning all the things/still getting over the flu) I hate messes! I can’t stand the clutter & find it SO HARD to work in it. Hence, why you haven’t seen a blog post from me in a while! My desk is currently covered in junk. Somehow, I managed to get this one out! 

In my dream life, everything has a place & everything is in it’s place. My home smells good, looks good & feels good! You know what I mean? I get that it’s impossible to ever accomplish all of those things at once…but a girl can dream. In my dreaming state, I imagined 2 trays for the kitchen- a drink tray & a phone tray. 

Make Cute Trays to Corrall Everyday Clutter, Like Drinks & Phones!

I made these 2 from old candle trays. My parents actually got these for me years & years & years ago with a bunch of candles for my bedroom. It was pretty at the time, but they were in need of a facelift. You can get these for pretty cheap at Walmart or possibly Target, maybe Hobby Lobby. Just check out the candle section & you should find some decorative candle trays nearby. 

I updated mine with a bright, turquoise, spray paint! I’ve painted a bunch of things in the kitchen with this paint & I adore it! 

Make Cute Trays to Corrall Everyday Clutter, Like Drinks & Phones!

After that, I just used some scrabble tiles to spell out what went on the trays- “drinks” & “phones.” You can find scrabble tiles online, on Etsy, thrift stores & at junk shows.flea markets. 

A looooong time ago, when I was a new blogger, I stumbled upon a drink tray that I wanted to make for my mom. My mom was always complaining that we used so many cups & had them all over the house etc. This drink tray had a coaster for each person in the house to keep their drink at all times. It seemed to corral the cups & keep everyone from pulling out another when they lost theirs. I never made it, but the idea has stuck with me ever since & this is as close as I’ve gotten. Theres only 2 of us in the house, so this isn’t a major issue. But like I said, I want everything to have a place. 

Make Cute Trays to Corral Everyday Clutter, Like Drinks & Phones!


I keep both of my trays under the sink in the kitchen. When I see a few too many drinks piling up around the kitchen & want to clear the clutter, I gather them up on this tray. It makes things look “cleaner” & more presentable. It makes it so much easier to clean up the kitchen when all of the cups in use are on a tray as opposed to littered around the kitchen.

I made one for phones too. This one can be used for a couple of reasons- clear the clutter, remove electronics from the “wet zone,” as my mom calls it, or hold the phones captive! My mom always made me pick up electronics- camera/phone/ipad from the “wet zone” in the kitchen, ie- anywhere near the sink, or a pot of water, or raw meat! This tray would make it easy to corral items then find later on. You can totally use it to hold the phones captive during dinner too! Or maybe you want a phone-free evening! 

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Make Cute Trays to Corral Everyday Clutter, Like Drinks & Phones!

No matter why you make them or what you make them for, these trays turn out adorable & are totally customizable! They even make fun gifts for a house warming! 


Blessings Y’all!



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