Valentine’s Day Porch

Who’s ready for all things pink, red & hearts?! ME!!!! 

I’m still working on my porch for this year (because it’s all currently covered in ICE & it’s in the twenties outside…I live in houston y’all! Not supposed to happen!), so let’s look at last year’s! 

This was my second ever Facebook live video & while I was still learning a lot about it, it’s become my most popular video over the last 2 days! I thought I would share the whole thing for you all as well. 

Valentine's Day Porch Decor! DIY Heart & Arrow Garland! #ValentinesDay

I bought an adorable wreath at Target & beefed it up with ribbons & flags. Then I made a colorful, heart & arrow banner to hang over the door. The whole porch turned out so cute & I’ve got some good ideas for this year!

You can watch the LIVE tutorial below. 

Here’s a super fast video of me putting the entire porch together!


Thanks for checking things out today y’all! Hope you’re staying warm & toasty!

Blessings Y’all!



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