DIY Copper Pipe Curtains & Turning Tablecloths into Curtains

Happy Thursday Friends! I think our ice is finally melting today! Yay!! That means Sonic will be open again & I can fuel myself with their glorious Dr. Pepper! #goals

Anyhow, you all have loved our DIY curtains that me & my husby put up in November (or maybe December?). I’ve gotten so many questions about them from being in the background of my Instagram stories, I thought I would share everything in a blog post!

How to DIY Curtains for CHEAP from Tablecloths! #DIY #HomeDecor #Curtains #Gingham

Our Christmas tree looked phenomenal in front of the curtains! (Look back through my Instagram here to see!) That was my real push to get them up! But since taking down the holiday decor, I’ve rearranged the furniture to flow better with the curtains. I really like how it’s all working together right now. 

How to DIY Curtains for CHEAP from Tablecloths! #DIY #HomeDecor #Curtains #Gingham

Believe it or not, these curtains are tablecloths! I found them on Amazon, just search for whatever style tablecloths you’d like to use as your curtains. I believe I searched something like “black and white plaid tablecloths.” you can even shop around for some curtains on sale, depending on how many you need. Please pay attention to the sizing! I knew mine would’t hit the ground, but I imagined they’d be a bit longer. Amazon does offer tons of different styles. The only thing I regret is the length, I may sew some kind of a panel block onto them later on. I would like to be hung higher up & hit the ground, or close to it. Our ceilings are super tall so covering the whole length would be hard. 

I used tablecloths for a few reasons: they were CHEAP!, they were EASY (just use rings with clips), they were GINGHAM! 

How to DIY Industrial Style Curtains from Copper Pipe! #DIY #HomeDecor #Curtains

I’d seen several other bloggers do something similar & fell in love with the look! I used 6 tablecloths here to cover 3 large windows. I totally could’ve gotten away with 3, but I didn’t want the walls in between the windows to show. If that makes sense! I also like that I can repurpose these later on if necessary. If I ever need 6 rectangular tablecloths I can unclip them & clip them back on! I doubt that will happen, but you never know lol. They are also way easy to wash this way! 


How to DIY Industrial Style Curtains from Copper Pipe! #DIY #HomeDecor #Curtains

To make things even cheaper & more my style, we made these curtain rods out of copper pipe! You can find in on the plumbing aisle at Home Depot or Lowe’s. I actually bought pieces for this from both places.

How to DIY Industrial Style Curtains from Copper Pipe! #DIY #HomeDecor #Curtains

A couple of years ago I used this same technique (by myself) to put up a towel rack on the back of my kitchen island. It was so easy to do myself & I made a complete video tutorial on Youtube for you. You can watch that below!  


The overall idea & supplies needed is the same. However, you need at least 2 people for this project & a ladder. If you are doing a long stretch of windows like I did here, you will need some “T”s to separate the piping in between windows. Since I used copper pipes, they are flimsy. You can totally use galvanized pipes for this project instead. I used copper because I love the look & it was cheaper! Win-Win! 

To attach the curtains I used curtain ring clips. I bought a couple of packages at Home Depot & needed more so picked some up at Target. You can get them most anyplace. they turn anything into a curtain, not just tablecloths! You can use large pieces if fabric, beach towels, etc. The possibilities are truly endless!

I plan to get these up in my kitchen soon too! Then I will need to pick a fabric/pattern to do them in our bedroom! I even thought about doing mini versions on the windows around our front door. 


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Blessings Y’all!


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