Weekly Menu Plan: Jan 29- Feb 4

Meal Planning! Who’s on top of it?! It’s an off & on habit for me that I always get out of after the holidays. 

This year, I want to share it with you! I figure by posting a quick menu for the week here & on my Instagram stories, I’ll be more accountable! Be sure to follow me on Instagram & catch my stories for recipes, tips & live cooking! I plan to eat at home at least 6 nights for a typical week. Of course there will be exceptions!

Weekly Menu Plan with Recipes & Tips! #MealPlanning #WeeklyMenu

I’m hoping this little journey will help me & also encourage you! I’ve written several posts on meal planning & prep in the past…time to put those back into practice! You can read up on those here & here

This will also help me to get a lot more of my fave recipes up on the blog!

Without further ado…here’s this week’s menu plan!

Weekly Menu Plan with Recipes & Tips! #MealPlanning #WeeklyMenu

Some of this week’s meals are a bit richer/heavier for 2 reasons…1- Winter Weather & 2. I’m cleaning out the freezer before a big shopping trip this weekend. Four out of 6 of these meals are leftovers I froze! Which is actually one of my best meal prep tips! 

Obviously, this menu is starting on a Tuesday, because I’m writing this on a Monday night…in the future they will start on Sunday or Monday! PS- Recipes are linked!

T-Chili/ Frito Pie

W- Chicken Tortilla Soup w/ Guacamole & Hot Sauce

T- Omelettes/ Toast

F- Chicken Pot Pie w/ (Babe’s) Salad

S- BBQ Mac & Cheese w/ Cornbread (I ALWAYS use Jiffy mix!)

S- SUPER BOWL SNACKS! (Menu to be determined!)

I would LOVE if you shared your meal planning tips or any favorite weeknight recipes?! 

Blessings Y’all!


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