Balloon Candy Bouquet

Make These Balloon Candy Bouquets for Your Valentine! #ValentinesDay #ValentinesGift

I went to the same school my entire life, a small private school. Every single year we looked forward to Valentine’s Day. It was extra special! Of course, in elementary we had class parties & exchanged Valentines & candy. As we got older, there weren’t official parties, but we still exchanged little gifts or cards all day. It was sweet. 

What made the day extra special though, was the surprises ALL DAY LONG! Our teachers dreaded Valentine’s Day. Every year, the seniors sold Valentine’s goodies as a fundraiser. They sold carnations, roses, balloons, candy bouquets, teddy bears & singing telegrams. Your mom would order, your grandma, your little brother, your best friend, your teacher, your coach, etc. By the end of the day, everyone was loaded down with little gifts & so much candy. the best part of the whole day was the drop-offs. A group of seniors would sneak down the hall quietly, then bust into the classroom screaming, ringing cow bells, banging pots, etc. Typically, their goal was to scare you so bad you peed your pants! It was so fun when someone got a singing telegram! 

Everyone looked forward to their turn to be seniors & scare everyone else with Valentine’s gifts. Throughout my entire school experience, the gifts literally never changed. Candy bouquets were always a good one! It was just a big pile of Valentine’s candy wrapped up in pretty pink tissue & tied with curling ribbon. If you were lucky, there was a balloon tied to it. 

I always think back to these adorable gifts & traditions at Valentine’s Day. It was a little tradition in my dorm room to leave Valentine’s cards, candy & treats at everyone’s door. It was so fun opening the door to a pile of Valentine’s on the morning of February 14. 

As a married adult, I’ve kind of turned into the Valentine’s fairy on Valentine’s Day. I make treats for everyone, I leave special surprises for my husband for breakfast & in his truck, on his mirror, etc. I run around delivering goodies to co workers, friends, family, my nieces & siblings. I’ll meet a girlfriend for a Galentine’s Day lunch & bring Sonic drinks to everyone. I use it as a general day to spread love to everyone as best I can! Because I am a celebrator!

That was a huge explanation to get to these balloon candy bouquets, I do apologize. I’m not usually so talkative! 

Make These Balloon Candy Bouquets for Your Valentine! #ValentinesDay #ValentinesGift

Anyhow, I made these last year on one of my first Facebook lives & it was so fun to see what all I could fit into a balloon lol. 

Make These Balloon Candy Bouquets for Your Valentine! #ValentinesDay #ValentinesGift

I filled them with all the candy & confetti, then tied them up with ribbons & heart picks. ADORABLE Y’ALL! It’s the best idea for kids! Who doesn’t want to pop a balloon & have candy/confetti fall out?! I would love it!

Make These Balloon Candy Bouquets for Your Valentine! #ValentinesDay #ValentinesGift

You can watch the live video tutorial below. (It’s sideways…I’m sorry!! It was one of my 1st videos!)

It’s super simple & a sweet gift for anyone! 

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Make These Balloon Candy Bouquets for Your Valentine! #ValentinesDay #ValentinesGift

Blessings Y’all!



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