Home Decor

Christmas at The Manor

Goodmorning y’all! I am so excited to share my Christmas home your this morning! I have loads of photos, so grab a drink & get comfy. I used plenty of plaid, some red & sparkly baubles for a vintage, woodsy, shiny Christmas. A little bit […]

Christmas Dinner Dining Room + DIY Christmas Crackers

We’re almost through the first week of December! Can you believe it? I’m so excited for the start of the season & looking forward to fully enjoying it all this year. Christmastime is my absolute favorite. Today I’m going to share a bit of last […]

7 Themed Christmas Trees!

First off, Happy Friday! It’s time to enjoy the weekend! Yayy! It’s also time for you to start thinking about this year’s Christmas decor & more specifically, your tree! Do you do a themed tree every year or a mix up of everything you hold […]

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Hey friends! It’s only 15 days till Thanksgiving (& 44 days till Christmas, but who’s counting?). I’m sharing how I styled my table for Thanksgiving this year & sharing a few ideas. So, here’s what I set up! I started my centerpiece on a large, […]

Fall Front Porch

Better late than never y’all! I had my porch all dressed for Halloween & was having great trouble deciding if I wanted to go for full out fall or skip ahead to Christmas. Amidst my deciding, days were flying by & I just had to […]

Plaid Rag Garlands

I know we’re probably all on the same page at this point concerning the status of plaid for this fall/winter. It has captivated my heart. I even shared a dozen of my favorite plaid pieces from Target the other day, here. I’ve really been wanting […]

Fall at the Manor

Yes, I’m a weirdo & I call our home the Manor. That’s besides the point though, because I am so so so excited to share my fall home with you! There is nothing I love more than preparing our home for the holidays. Walking past […]

Mad for Plaid- 12+ of My Faves from Target's Plaid Collection

The title says it all y’all! If you haven’t noticed yet, plaid is EVERYWHERE & I am madly in love with the season’s hottest trend. I cannot wait to incorporate it into several diy projects, as well as my wardrobe & holiday decor! I’m just […]

Bright Fall Baking Hutch

Howdy friends of mine! Thanks for stoppin’ by the good old blog today. Tis so very thoughtful of you sweet folks. I want to share my updated baking hutch in my kitchen with you! I love almost nothing more than decorating our home. Christmas is […]

Halloween Porch

Welcome Y’all! Happy October 1st! I’ve got the front porch all ready for the season. I’m lovin’ my Halloween porch decor. Much more on the cute side than the spooky side & that’s just how I like it. Come take a look! This wreath was […]

Halloween Mantle

Hey guys! For the first time in my whole 23 years of life I did some Halloween decorating. Mother, look away! It’s just a simple mantle with some dark purple & neutrals plus some of the year round mantle occupiers. Also, our house is basically an […]

Spring Hutch

I’ve got some simple, springy Friday inspiration for y’all. I squeezed in some time to work on my hutch in the kitchen last week & am lovin’ the light colors. I mixed & matched some colored glass items from my growing collection of junk & […]

Spring at the Manor

Happy hump day friends! I made a few changes around the place for spring that I wanted to share. Mostly the mantle. I’m all ready for bright, light, & airy. Wanna see? Here’s the spring mantle & a newish little, side table. I moved it […]

Small Organized Spaces

Goodmorning Y’all! It’s Monday the beginning of a new week. That means a fresh start & maybe, just maybe you’re working on some organizing this week! A few weeks ago my fiancé was out of town, so I took it upon myself to start getting […]

Black & Gold Heart Garland + Mantle

Hey everyone! It’s Monday! The fresh start of a brand new week & the start of a whole new life schedule for me! At least for the next 6 months-ish. Here’s what’s going to be happening… in list form, of course. 1. We have officially picked a […]

Love Letter Vignette

Good morning lovelies! There’s a promise of a new week ahead. Doesn’t that make Monday sound a bit nice? Maybe not, lol. Anyhow, I hosted a Valentine’s Cookie Decorating Brunch with some gals on Saturday morning & we had so much fun! I’ll be sharing the whole […]

Valentine's Baking Hutch & Sweetheart Printables

Happy Friday Y’all! I’m getting ready for a Valentine’s Cookie Decorating Party tomorrow morning. I’m so excited! I’ll be sharing that in the next couple weeks as well. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day & baking I decided to makeover my kitchen hutch to fit […]

January Around the Manor

Yesterday y’all got to see my simple snowball wreath on the front door. I’m not quite ready to do any decorating for Valentine’s Day yet, so I’m going to share the little touches I made inside to carry a woodsy-winter look throughout the house. Let’s […]

Snow Ball Wreath

I live in Houston, TX where it will probably NEVER snow. It did that one time when I was in 5ht grade, but I think that was one my one white Christmas for life. So while everyone else is getting snow in January, I’ve got […]

Hot Cocoa Bar

Goodmorning lovely people! I turned a gorgeous new apothecary table I picked up at Target into a hot chocolate station for Christmas! Now if only it would get cold enough outside to enjoy it! Mostly because everyone’s doing it…I gave in to the hot cocoa […]